Name BYTE 8 dup(?)

image_section_header _IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER <' .text'>

The above will not work. I do not want 3 spaces, but 3 null or 00h characters. Is there any way to do that in MASM?

On a side note the above will not assemble. Did you know that Name is a reserved word in MASM? :o
Posted on 2004-10-03 11:24:03 by ThoughtCriminal
I don't have a clue what your trying to do with the struc stuff, but you can make the 'Name' usable with:

Posted on 2004-10-03 11:45:13 by Petroizki
Maybe try

I havn't used MASM in ages though.
Posted on 2004-10-03 13:49:39 by Eóin
same as Eoin said, but make sure u have double << >>
one is for IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER, the inside nested one is for the Name string
Posted on 2004-10-03 13:58:30 by comrade
Trying to put values in structer at assemble time always seems to be a pain.....

Can someone do this for me? I've tried several combinations, but none of them work.

image_section_header _IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER <<0,0,0>,<'.text'>>

image_section_header _IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER <0,0,0,<'.text'>>

image_section_header _IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER <<0,0,0,'.text'>>
Posted on 2004-10-04 00:59:33 by ThoughtCriminal