MAsmEd v0.32 have been released today (20/11/2001)

List of new features is a little bit too big to be posted here.

As usual:
Comments/suggestions/bug reports are welcome.

Posted on 2001-11-20 11:23:11 by hitchhikr
Really nice IDE. The right-click is very useful. A minor bug : the Recent files and the Recent projects menus are not empty! You should post this thread in the new IDE forum.
Good luck !
Posted on 2001-11-21 06:26:39 by Dr. Manhattan

well i usually make the package just after having worked with it so there might be some relents here and there. Sorry for that, i will remove all these references next time.

Posted on 2001-11-21 06:46:06 by hitchhikr
Nice program, I like the feel of it. Shame I don't use masm though:) Get the feeling I should start one day....... ..... .... What am I thinking?.... never! :)

I have had one crash so far.... I created a new shell project, then I double clicked on one of the idc files on the side list which shouldn't exist.... Nice explosion, almost took my eyebrows off:)

Never mind that, good job.
Posted on 2001-11-21 17:58:59 by -T-
It crashed ??? Tell me more
And what is an 'idc file' ???

Posted on 2001-11-22 03:09:36 by hitchhikr
And it can be adapted to ANY kind of assembler/compiler. I've used hutch's masm32 only because i think that it is a good ready to use and coherent distribution.

Posted on 2001-11-22 03:25:10 by hitchhikr
It have a great bugfeature - it is created with Visual Basic! :-(
Posted on 2001-11-22 15:47:48 by Aquila
You consider this as a bug ?
Posted on 2001-11-22 17:06:54 by hitchhikr

I downloaded the editor and the vb runtime and installed it and it seems to run very well. You must have done something clever because the load time is a lot faster than most VB stuff I have run.

Syntax colouring works well, I can set it to FIXEDSYS so I can read the code, it set up to the standard MASM32 files OK so all in all it seems to be coming along well.

Keep up the good work.

Posted on 2001-11-22 18:00:04 by hutch--
Indeed, it crashed.

The idc file was on the right side bar. I had chosen to create a new console program and found it a little funny to have windows related idc's. Clicked on it... bang!

The problem was probably to do with me not having the idc's installed since I didn't even have Hutch's masm. Sounds like you didn't add any debug code for the file not found.

However, now I am having a MUCH bigger problem. I installed hutch's special blend finally. I reinstalled MASM edit thinking that I would avoid any reconfiguring. Now when I open a file it does nothing... and Pressing the new button gives me:

Run-time error '7':
Out of memory

Happy! :)

How would I go about porting it to TASM? Is it to do with the script engine you included? (Which I might add seems like the neatest feature so far.)

I am on WinXP - 3x128mb ram... its nothing to do with that I know, but I will answer the question before you ask.
Posted on 2001-11-22 20:53:57 by -T-

Hutch ? Thanks you very much.

-T- ? I will add something for non existants files
The second one is not known to me can u be more precise ? (check if a previous instance of masmed isn't still running into tasklists, someone encountered strange things like that under windowsXP).

For TAsm i fear that u'll have to use the user menus. I've planed a custom project creation but it's not ready yet. ICE is not finished i will speed it up and add graphical objects soon
soon soon soon.

Posted on 2001-11-23 06:53:19 by hitchhikr
Hitch, are you French or Canadian (coz you're on Multimania).
I saw an advert on your page, I know that you must have an advert coz it's free, but if you want I can tell you how to skip this advert (hehe, I've also made my homepage on multimania, because it uses Php and mysql, that's great).
I've just downloaded the prog, but sorry, I've not enough time to test it, but it looks great. (people and the Great Hutch said that, so this is great).

But why didn't you make it in asm, do you want to write it then in asm ? This could be also great.

As Hutch said, Keep up the good work !!

(Hutch: when do you think the next release of masm will be available ? in a few days, or weeks. You know, we're all waiting for that ! This will be also great, very great)
Posted on 2001-11-23 16:08:15 by Vom-bonjour:-()

Real soon, the installation is working and a few problems are just being solved at the moment to try and make this version very reliable.

I included 3 of your demos in the example code and pout you email address at the top of them so that everyone would know who wrote it, one in French just to prove that we are not biased against people who speak French. :)

I am just working on a reliability issue with another person who is helping with this version and then its ready to go.

Posted on 2001-11-23 18:09:30 by hutch--
Bonjour Vom,


As i said it from the first time it will be converted in asm, for now on i've removed the com servers so it consist of only modules, i've also created a complete widget library that will be converted in asm at first (maybe i will give it to hutch if he is interested for inclusion in masm).

Well, i don't really care that much about the popup banner. Mais tu peux toujours me refiler ton truc ?a peut servir :))).

Posted on 2001-12-14 06:36:30 by hitchhikr
Sorry for the not French people, but it's not important and does not concern MasmEd. But if you want to learn French, just try to understand;)

Quand j'ai ?cris le message, Multimania n'avait pas encore chang? leur syst?me de pub, maintenant ils ont du remarquer que des gens les faisaient pas s'afficher. Maintenant elles s'affichent mais je vais voir si y a pas moyen de les retirer.

Mais bon, je te dis quand m?me ce que j'avais fait:
sur la gestion du site dans multimania, pour les pubs, j'avais mis banniere int?gr?e (ou un truc comme ca, mais pas une popup). Ainsi j'ai cr?? une page index.html (donc celle qui va ouvrir la popup) et cette pas ne fait que rediriger vers ma page index.php. Ca marchait bien, ?a ne laissait pas le temps ? la popup de s'afficher. C'est dommage toutes ces pubs, mais faut bien qu'ils vivent de qqch ces entreprises. Mais j'ai entendu parler ? la radio que le gouvernement europ?en voulait mettre en place une loi europ?enne qui a pour but d'interdire toute pub comme ces popups, mais bon, tu sais, toutes ces lois europ?ennes...

Voil?. Bon, @+
Posted on 2001-12-14 06:52:08 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Ouais y vivent en vendant du flan ces enfoir?s.

Posted on 2001-12-14 06:54:45 by hitchhikr