8) You have many questions while coding? You have to refer many files for the help? You are lazy as me to make annoying setups? Your questions appear too fast, so you need a machine-gun to shut them all?
Hey! This weapon is for you! :wink:
It can do context shots using any file of any type for the help ;) .

8) Shipped like a seven-shots revolver. Can be adjusted from 2-shots (two-barrel hunter's rifle mode) to 35-shots machine gun (AK-M mode). No IDKFA needed - setup box included.

Supports winhelp and html help. Files of other types executed through the shell, so you can use any file to help - even mp3, graphics or movie ;)
Popup is resorting after each shot (of course - it is a revolver ;) ). Each menu item has a shortcut from &1 to &Z. File list is saving automatically when addin is unloading and restoring when loading.

To use addin simple place it's dll into the winasm\addins folder.


All miss-shots reports welcome - this is my first popup ;)

replaced: now WAAddIns.Ini used for saving instead of revolver.ini ;)
Posted on 2004-10-07 01:12:31 by Shoo

Very useful and handy tool... and very good sense of humor!

Thanks for sharing,

Posted on 2004-10-07 04:12:37 by akyprian