Anyone know a good tut for doing this?

I've downloaded Netscape's Plugin SDK and read through their C++ code examples...looks pretty simple, except for the part about including the "version header". From what I can tell it goes in the RC file. The problem is that this RC file includes "ver.h", which of course isn't included with the Plugin SDK. Is there an equivalent masm32 include or something either in the package or available for download?

I think all I need is to get a skeleton plugin up and running in ASM, and I think I can take it from there, so if anyone out there has done this sort of work before, what do I need to get started?
Posted on 2004-10-07 14:32:13 by sirchess
Greetings sirchess,

The file ver.h is now obsolete. The file you require is winver.h which is part of the MS Platform SDK distribution (
Posted on 2004-10-08 23:15:08 by Poimander
Thanks, Poimander, exactly what I needed :alright:
Posted on 2004-10-10 09:52:26 by sirchess

When you have any success with this, share it with us. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time, but never knew where to begin.


Posted on 2004-10-10 15:56:20 by farrier
Ok, will do :)
Posted on 2004-10-10 20:27:42 by sirchess
I've done a bit of work and it's definitely possible to get Netscape to recognize the asm DLL...attached is a little RADasm masm project that displays a test message in Netscape 7 when the plugin is in the directory and a ".bas" file is opened.

When I get more time I will look at the rest of the Netscape documentation and see how easily the rest can be done.

/edit: forgot to include instructions for "running" really...just put the DLL file into Netscape/plugins, restart Netscape (if it's running), then open a ".bas" file.
Posted on 2004-10-12 00:37:45 by sirchess
whats so special with your dll? i just see this:

DllEntry proc hInst:HINSTANCE, reason:DWORD, reserved1:DWORD

push hInst
pop hInstance
invoke MessageBox,NULL,addr szTest, addr szTest,MB_OK
mov eax,TRUE

DllEntry Endp

Posted on 2004-10-12 09:39:43 by diablo2oo2
Yes, that's all it is. The important discovery of this project is just that it works as a Netscape plugin. Farrier wanted to know if I had any here's what I have so far. I know it's not the most impressive of demonstrations, but I've been kinda short on time. By the end of the week I'll hopefully have something with a bit more substance to it.
Posted on 2004-10-12 13:09:39 by sirchess
what kind of plugin you want to code?
Posted on 2004-10-13 11:54:25 by diablo2oo2
Not sure yet...I was just wanting to find out more about coding plugins in general, that's why my original post was asking if anyone knew of a good tut or something.

I haven't had any more success since yesterday :( Of course it didn't help that Netscape's development website wouldn't load :x

I'm stuck on trying to get the NP_Initialize, NP_Shutdown, etc. functions to work. I created the functions in the DLL and added them to the EXPORTS list, but Netscape isn't calling them. Anyone have any ideas on how to get Netscape to recognize these? (I don't know a whole lot about DLLs, so it probably is something stupid :P )
Posted on 2004-10-13 12:30:45 by sirchess