My memory is a bit fuzzy about this. I think in an old college c class there was a c function that returned the difference in seconds between jan 01, 1970 (maybe the date's wrong) and the current system time. I'm pretty sure it was in a unix class, but can't remember.

Anyways, is there a similar 'ready-made' masm proc or do I have to make it?
Posted on 2001-11-20 14:42:58 by Will
What do you want to do? Get local time, compare
diffferent time values?

Posted on 2001-11-21 04:18:25 by farrier
It's actually part of the icq login process, although the available clone sources vary a bit on the date. It requires the number of secs between that 1970 date and the current local time. The first order of business I suppose is determining the exact date that's needed for the algo. ....or maybe investigating as to whether I can feed this a random # or if it HAS to be accurate.

I sketched out how it should look in psuedo code last night and after lunch I'll convert it to masm, and if it works as intended I'll post it for grins. ;)

....but in answer to your question ;) I was just looking for a date/time difference algo that would return the number of secs.


I DO remember a c function that did this though. If I'm not mistaken that 1970 date was the first version of unix or something, and that's the significance for wanting the num of secs since then. -shrugs-
Posted on 2001-11-21 10:50:51 by Will
man....I was starting to doubt myself, but I found a couple refs to that function I was referring to:

"time_t time(time_t *tloc) -- returns the time since 00:00:00 GMT, Jan. 1, 1970, measured in seconds. "


It's refreshing to see that my memory's not as bad as I had thought!
Posted on 2001-11-21 13:19:40 by Will