Creating print dialog uses PrintDlg, how about print preview dialog? Is it a self-created (correct me if i'm wrong) dialog or there are also functions for that specific purpose.
Posted on 2004-10-15 09:20:54 by vincent_ray21
You have to create your print preview. There aren't API that can help you, but it is quite simple because you use the same procedure to print on the "printer" and print on the "print preview dialog"

I'm creating my print preview dialog
Posted on 2004-10-15 14:00:24 by greenant
Is the DC for the printer can be displayed on the screen?
Posted on 2004-10-16 00:05:55 by vincent_ray21
No but you can use the same code to print on the printer dc or on the screen dc
Posted on 2004-10-16 01:38:55 by greenant