I want such a window create from a dialog if possible. (talking about window inside Adobe Illustrator mainwindow.
Looks like a child but it has got maximize and minimize buttons.
Posted on 2004-10-15 18:38:02 by AceEmbler
That's an MDI window I think. Check out Icz's tutorial about them.
Posted on 2004-10-15 18:41:12 by JimmyClif
hi AceEmbler
i guess u did not made adobe illustrator............so
i guess to do that u have to attach to adobe illustrator's process with generic read write attribute. after that u need to intercept the call to createwindwowex and direct its call to ur code then Create the client window by calling CreateWindowEx using the name of the predefined window class, "MDICLIENT", passing the address of a CLIENTCREATESTRUCT structure in lParam. Normally, you would create the client window within the WM_CREATE handler of the frame window proc
You can create an MDI child window by sending WM_MDICREATE to the client window or, alternatively, by calling CreateMDIWindow.
Within the window proc of the MDI child window, pass all unhandled messages to DefMDIChildProc.
Use MDI version of the messages if it exists. For example, use WM_MDIDESTROY instead of calling DestroyWindow

After u do this .. return ur to orignall call.
and it will work.
There are a couple of problems though...u must find a decent sized cave for ur code. and also some more... u learn about them when u do it urself.
Posted on 2004-10-16 14:21:46 by nickdigital
just also i want to say ...
b4 u do this, search for all availabe inputs when u debug the program...
then u ll not have to rewrite some codes, thereby reducing some forthcomming errors.

if u do it share the code with us.

all the best.
Posted on 2004-10-16 14:25:17 by nickdigital
this type of code will help u create ur own wondow.however u want to jusat create a window u can create by that app then its easier...
just find the code which creates a new window with all parameters....
then copy the code to ur asm file and just create ur app with a hotkey and
openprocess api to open adobe illustrator.
Posted on 2004-10-16 14:29:46 by nickdigital
Or u can try doing one more thing if ur choice is wat i pointed above...
just sendmessage to the adobe illustrator to do all things u need to create a desired window.

i think there are more ways than these 3 i pointed out.u can come with ur own idea.also lemme know.
Posted on 2004-10-16 14:32:20 by nickdigital
well i just wanted to know such type of a window. Since i already know that this is MDI window i will do the rest myself but thanks anyway.

But since you typed so much ......
Best regrets AceEmbler :P
Posted on 2004-10-17 15:32:00 by AceEmbler