Anyone can recommend a website where I can choose my own componments and then they assemble and ship it? Ala Gatway but with AMD instead of P4's, and not as commercialised ie. having reasonable prices ;)


PS: also .us merchands only preferred.
Posted on 2004-10-23 13:21:49 by JimmyClif
and search for "linux computers" in quots and you will find about 7000 sites that sell computers the way you want most will install and set up the distro you want too
Posted on 2004-10-23 13:52:16 by rob.rice
Why don't you just build your own? :wink:
Posted on 2004-10-23 14:08:17 by roticv
Posted on 2004-10-24 03:07:48 by SpooK
Why don't you just build your own? :wink:

This would be pretty much build my own, but with the difference that I wouldn't have to wait for 8 different parts to show up at my house or having to assemble it myself while kids are running around. Basically I am getting to damn old & lazy for this - I don't mind paying the extra $50 bucks if I can sit back relax then plug & play the second it gets fedexed to my door. :P
Thanks Spook. Tiger Direct looks pretty neat but they don't have enough choice for a couple options. (Might get solved over the phone though.)
For Newegg, I can't seem to find the "We custom build PCs" option.
Posted on 2004-10-24 13:03:24 by JimmyClif