damn, how much can be made in 64kB. Reminds me of that game in ~90kB, but I find this better (coz it ran on my PC lol). Hmm with my new PC that game will run gotta see it :-D
Don't worry - it's not malicious code , I guarantee
Posted on 2004-10-23 17:21:32 by Ultrano
if you want to see more like this, this site has a great collection of them
the most popular ones are the farbraush series
Posted on 2004-10-23 17:41:08 by comrade
Thanks, comrade :alright: 'tis what I needed
Posted on 2004-10-23 17:49:46 by Ultrano
i strongly recommend you watch Heaven 7
Posted on 2004-10-23 18:33:16 by comrade
conspiracy has also made this one

who is also beautiful
Posted on 2004-10-25 12:14:06 by HeLLoWorld
Yeah, I saw their site, downloaded their music -and can say only "awesome" :) I wasn't impressed very much by Heaven 7, but maybe I was too tired then :-D
Posted on 2004-10-25 13:40:57 by Ultrano