gahh... ok here it is... you have 2 labels (label1, label2)

mov eax, label2-label1
Enter label2-label1, 00h

first mov is valid. second fucntion, the enter, is invalid, it says specify size operand. its getting on my nerves.. any ideas or solutions ?
Posted on 2004-10-24 16:37:53 by pwn
specify size

Enter word ptr (label2-label1), 00h ; ENTER imm16,imm8

align 4
align 4
Posted on 2004-10-24 18:02:52 by drizz

thx i fixed it. btw its probably better not to allign the code to four. just the stack. like so:

nop ; size of data
nop ; or just code we might want to move to stack.
stacksize equ ($-labelx+3) / 4
enter word ptr (stacksize*4), 0 ; this will allign the stack to 4, without adding code.
leave ; to exit the stack frame
Posted on 2004-10-25 14:11:58 by pwn