Apache pros:
Open source updates. it's constantly being updated and you can add functionality as it becomes available.

Free. The software is free. It's hard to beat that price.

Multi-platform support. Apache can be used on systems that have 80x86-series (i.e. Intel) processors running either Linux or NT as an OS, or on other computers running a Unix-type OS on a different processor.

Popular. Apache is the most-used Web server software package in the world. As such, it's unlikely that further development of the software will ever cease.


Apache cons:
No Support. Apache's developers do not provide any type of support for their product. There are third-party companies that provide Apache support, but you have to pay for it.

Runs best on Linux. Given two machines with the same hardware and different operating systems (Linux and NT,)
Apache runs faster on the Linux machine. This means that if you decide to go with Apache, you should also use Linux to get maximum performance. If you've decided to use NT, it makes more sense to use the Web server Microsoft includes with that OS.

I founded this at:


My question is what about freeBSD "and" netBSD. I don't won't to waste my time when it comes to Windows Web related issues in this field.

Would not one of these be even faster than a great strip down Linux machine and more secure with all the proper known programming projects added to it.

My conclusion now is Apache on freeBSD but I hope someone here knows better than this or truly agree. I been exploring since my last post but I am still kind of slow to jump into anything just because it sounds good. I trust experiences and knowledge here any day before i take a complete dive into anything.

Speed as well as security comes first. I must be greedy because *I WANT BOTH*. There just so much to consider but I know the right road is near by and Im going to find it. .. I Hope :)

So do I dump Apache toooo?

Thanks in advance

Moderators, Im just not sure where this should go because if someone say asm through it all can work I be Gun-Ho. I have no problem with your call.
Posted on 2004-10-29 13:15:04 by cmax
Also, I did check around alot. Just like --masm32 and is it assember or assembly when specking. To know which it was was very very important to me when i first cam to ASM and why.

It has nothing to do with Patchs from Web Servers , it was about a people in the back of his mind. Now i can tell my new schooled networking buddy at work my first guest was right.... Hee Hee ...


You got to read it ALL
Posted on 2004-10-29 13:48:13 by cmax