Hi KetllO

Do you know about the NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System). It is released under an open source license and is completely free for any use.

Wouldn't it be something to integrate to RadAsm IDE. You need a scripteditor with highligting which RadAsm have.

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Posted on 2004-10-30 04:41:28 by minor28
Yeah, that would be a great option! I was thinking of making such a thing at first time like a template and after that as an addin. So, let's see what KetilO would say?!

Posted on 2004-11-01 06:40:01 by siddhartha
And what about supportingC--..any chance in the future? :)
Posted on 2004-11-01 06:51:38 by John Kiro
minor28: Good idea.
siddhartha: Sounds like you have it figured out. Go for it.
John Kiro: I think someone is working on an C-- IDE.

Posted on 2004-11-01 08:56:42 by KetilO
OK, KetilO, I'll see what can I do. I promise that something will show up in the upcoming weeks!

Posted on 2004-11-06 11:39:56 by siddhartha
Hi siddhartha


Posted on 2004-11-06 18:25:17 by KetilO