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Look This:

c:\>masm tt.asm
Microsoft (r) macro assembler version 5.00
copyright (c) microsoft corp 1981-1985,1987. all rights reserved.

object filename :
source listing :
cross-reference :
51598+398146 bytes symbol space free
0 warning errors
0 severe errors

My Question is :What is the Number 51598 and 398146 Mean?
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Posted on 2004-11-01 18:15:11 by keyif
i am just guessing here, but 51598 might be the number of free symbol bytes in conventional memory, and 398146 in extended memory
Posted on 2004-11-01 18:23:22 by comrade
Thanks,But please give me more INFO and accurate Answer
Posted on 2004-11-01 23:13:09 by keyif
We need a real veteran MASM user for this help. I was programming in TASM/NASM back in those days and largely agree with comrade's assessment.
Posted on 2004-11-02 00:16:16 by bitRAKE
Thanks ! :lol:
And More Answer?
Posted on 2004-11-02 04:45:35 by keyif
Hi keyif,

Why do you prefer to use an old version of MASM?

Would you mind if I ask you where are you from?
Posted on 2004-11-02 10:12:14 by Vortex