I was tired to use loadlibrary and the other to use Winhttp functions, so I've decided to wrote the lib and the include.

For an overview of Winhttp and its functions see MSDN:


1) the library and the .inc was done with the 5.1 version
2) Winhttp.dll does not come with all win O.S:

only present in :
- win 2k with at least SP3
- win XP with at least SP1
- win 2k3

(see MSDN for further explanations)

3) there's a parameter conflict with windows.inc




;INTERNET_SCHEME_HTTP equ 1 ;conflict with windows.inc
;INTERNET_SCHEME_HTTPS equ 2 ; same as above

I've commented out those in winhttp.inc but be carefull when using those parameters ! (he params from windows.inc are in use for wininet).

Winhttp.inc was done under radasm, so i've seen that's it could be hardly readable on notepad...

-included in package:


The above .txt files can be added (copy/paste) to the same named files from Radasm (it will enable auto-completion).

If you see some errors (Errare humanum est)please notify them to me, I'll be glad to correct them.

Regards, Neitsa.
Posted on 2004-11-02 21:19:57 by Neitsa
Sorry for raising an old theme. But where winhttp.inc? I can not find him all over the internet, who have - please share. For masm32.
Posted on 2011-11-26 10:00:00 by Morgot