call __set_app_type;????
pop ecx
or dword_403174, 0FFFFFFFFh
or dword_403178, 0FFFFFFFFh
call __p__fmode;????
mov ecx, dword_403168
mov , ecx
call __p__commode;?????
mov ecx, dword_403164
mov , ecx
mov eax, offset _adjust_fdiv
mov eax,
mov dword_403170, eax
;call nullsub_1
cmp dword_40308C, ebx
jnz short loc_4018F7
push offset loc_4019F6
call __setusermatherr
pop ecx

loc_4018F7: ; CODE XREF: start+75j
call __setdefaultprecision
push offset unk_403014
push offset unk_403010
call _initterm
mov eax, dword_403160
mov , eax
lea eax,
push eax
push dword_40315C
lea eax,
push eax
lea eax,
push eax
lea eax,
push eax
call __getmainargs
push offset unk_40300C
push offset unk_403000
;push offset unk_403014
;push offset unk_403010
call _initterm

what does these __?????? funcitons do in this code ? i can't find any
descript of these functions ,why?
Posted on 2004-11-04 10:47:16 by linjianing
what is it do?
Posted on 2004-11-05 01:38:14 by linjianing
There are several ways to find out:

1. Now that you are using IDA to disassemble somebody's binary, keep doing it with the library in question. :roll:

2. Download MSC library source from MS FTP site, and read the source.

And many other ways are possible.

Those functions are not documented because a HLL programmer is not supposed to know about them.
Posted on 2004-11-05 04:27:32 by Starless