An asm only environment called Menuet OS made it on the cover of Dr.Dobb's programmers journal. Menuet OS uses a version of FASM.
Posted on 2001-11-21 16:05:28 by bitRAKE
YES! a very nice and small OS .. i like it :)

however there are some things i do not like...
1.GFX=too slow algorithms
2.API=non stack frame based

because of this and inspired by Menuet info i have restarted my own OS developement project: "SOL OS", i have problems with Interupt gates... right now... :(
Posted on 2001-11-21 17:55:50 by BogdanOntanu
I found it funny tht you raised the Graphics point -- I read earlier in their FAQ:

Why GPL ?

There are plenty of guys and girls, who program parts of assembly
way better. For example, the GUI can be optimized and faster.

Btw, I couldn't exactly tell, but is this OS 16 bit or 32 bit based? It sounded like 32 but the subject title was "16 over 32 bit asm"

Posted on 2001-11-22 02:09:13 by Sliver
The point that was meant to be made is how easy 32 bit asm is vs 16 bit. Anyone who has programed both would agree. :) 16 bit x86 gave assembly programming a bad rep.

The OS is evolving and quite a bit has been done in a short time. None of these ASM OS's are coded in a modular form - makes editing/understanding for 'outsiders' difficult to impossible! Combine that with a lack of documentation, and not many will work on the OS to improve it. Why can't asm programmers code monolithically in small digestable fragments?
Posted on 2001-11-22 02:47:13 by bitRAKE
bitrake, ive always wonderd that too. And i think i know why.

I learned assembly before any modular program. So i did the same thing because i had total control. Ive started learning c, so now i have a view of how modularity helps. When i go back to writing asm, im gonna try and do it like i did in c.
Posted on 2001-11-22 11:33:30 by ChimpFace9000