Hi everybody,
I want to share my net utility "Xerxes Utility" with you. It is not full version or final version , but I think it may be useful to you. I glad to see your opinion and suggestion about it.
Its capability : sniffing, mailing, chat, netstat, kill connection, IP playing, and ... In the full version I implement a keylogger and remote sniffing and with report mailing capability, but I don't want to attach it for some reasons, and so their options dont work, excuse me.

Some of user commands:
sniff : local sniffing
kill -c : kill connection
lookup -a : lookup addr
lookup -n : lookup name

In the mail body section, you must type :q to exit from it.
Posted on 2004-11-06 18:20:54 by veria
Please remove this malware.

Nothing in this project is bad by itself, but a binary with no source is a bad way to introduce your project...
Posted on 2004-11-07 04:06:56 by Homer
This is not a malware. You have been in mistake, excuse me.
Posted on 2004-11-07 08:32:08 by veria
He is just posting his utility, which may not be useful to u EvilHomer2k, but useful for others. He is not obliged to release its source code either
Posted on 2004-11-07 16:39:11 by comrade
Who's to say, That the remote capabilities are not already turned on and we are a trojan test bed?

I hope this is not true, but I have been bitten by stuff like this. Twice shy!

Regards, P1
Posted on 2004-11-09 15:28:40 by Pone
I agree here with comrade. He is not obligated to post the sourcecode if he doesn't want to. (it always nice to see the sourcecode though... :))
It's up to yours decision to take chances or not by running it.
Posted on 2004-11-09 16:08:17 by arafel
it's a shame that on an asm board, people can't seem to have the basic logic to trace the executable (which blatantly offers no encryption to itself), and find out themselves that the file is not a trojan.
Posted on 2004-11-10 16:50:02 by Drocon