Whats new

- Max 65536 rows.
- Very fast, 65000 rows in less than a second on 500MHz PIII.


11-08-2004, 11 dl, New upload.
11-12-2004, 19 dl, Fixed a bug with GM_RESETCOLUMNS.
Posted on 2004-11-06 18:23:16 by KetilO
Hi all

New upload.

- Better support for hidden columns (Column width = 0)
- Cell button is shown only when cell is selected.
- Checkbox cell changes state on single click (if cell is selected).
- Fixed some bugs with TYPE_USER columns cell data.

Posted on 2004-11-08 05:37:39 by KetilO
I tried to use the new ragrid.lib in my program, but my program crashed.
ps: My program works well with the previous versions of ragrid.

00435D04 push ebp
00435D05 mov ebp,esp
00435D07 push edi
00435D08 mov edx,dword ptr
00435D0B xor ecx,ecx
00435D0D mov edi,dword ptr
00435D10 mov al,byte ptr <---- crashed here
00435D13 mov byte ptr ,al
00435D16 inc ecx
00435D17 or al,al
00435D19 jne _strcpy@8+0Ch (00435d10)
00435D1B pop edi
00435D1C leave
00435D1D ret 8

Call stack dump:
strcpy@8 + 12 bytes
GridGetText@12 + 36 bytes
GridGetCellData@16 + 67 bytes
RAGridProc@16 + 446 bytes
Posted on 2004-11-11 20:56:55 by optimus
I tried to change reference to strcpy to lstrcpy, and ragrid crashed somewhere else.

00436284 push ebp
00436285 mov ebp,esp
00436287 push ebx
00436288 push esi
00436289 push edi
0043628A mov ebx,dword ptr
0043628D push dword ptr
00436290 call GlobalLock (0043a6e8)
00436295 mov esi,eax
00436297 add esi,dword ptr
0043629A mov edi,dword ptr
0043629D mov eax,dword ptr <---- here
0043629F mov dword ptr ,eax
004362A1 mov eax,dword ptr
004362A4 mov dword ptr ,eax
004362A7 push dword ptr
004362AA call GlobalUnlock (0043a6ee)
004362AF pop edi
004362B0 pop esi
004362B1 pop ebx
004362B2 leave
004362B3 ret 0Ch

Call stack dump:
GridGetRowColor@12 + 25 bytes
RAGridProc@16 + 70 bytes
Posted on 2004-11-12 00:58:42 by optimus
Thanks optimus

There was a bug with GM_RESETCOLUMNS (did not reinitialisize pointer to itemdata)

Posted on 2004-11-12 04:13:15 by KetilO
Thanks for your quick update. My ProEmulator needs your RA controls. ^_^

btw: In RAHexEd control, how to update the value of a single entry without loading all content again?
Posted on 2004-11-12 08:56:19 by optimus
Hi optimus

You can use:


Also invoke GetWindowLong,hWin,0 returns a pointer to an EDIT struct
This can be used to manipulate memory directly.

Posted on 2004-11-19 05:54:21 by KetilO
Hi all

Version is uploaded to my website.

Whats new:
- Several improvements on combobox column type.
- Added column type TYPE_EDITBUTTON. Combines a button and edittext column.

Posted on 2005-02-07 07:48:23 by KetilO