Hi Biterider/Nan

I'm in the process of learning the OOP structure and stuff - I've looked at demo 3 and I started converting it so that it uses a dialog built in Radasm instead of the one in the resource - makes it easier for me to change things

I came across a problem when showing the dialog - I named the dialog IDD_DIALOG2 and of course change the code as follows
mov [ecx].pResName, $OfsCStr("DIALOG2")

but it refused to works - After a few name changes I inspected the rc file produced and found if I removed the #define IDD_DIALOG2 1001 it worked.

Even though this was working I was not happy with the solution so I started digging into the pResname and found that I can use the Dialog ID as well as the dialog name

so I replaced the code with
mov [ecx].pResName, IDD_DIALOG2

I know it isn't related to much with the oo stuff yet but hope it helps anyone else that gets stuck like I did


PS Keep up the great work :alright:
Posted on 2004-11-10 07:11:21 by taff
Hi Taff
You are right, this change was introduced in the release 1.3c, so you can use both, string names or ID numbers.

Another important change related to the dialog objects is the removal of the self-destroying behaviour. Since version 1.3c, it is necessary to call the Destroy macro to remove a dialog instance from memory. It was done to provide more flexibility to use such objects loke the application objects (SdiApp and MdiApp). The translation of Iczilion?s demos show how to use them.

Posted on 2005-03-12 08:24:54 by Biterider