Well, my www.xgamestation.com arrived, so much information to digest right now. The info that comes with it is overwhelming at first. Lets so how this goes.

Anyway else order one of these and arrive yet?

Posted on 2004-11-12 15:59:20 by _Shawn
hey thats cool is urs the XGS Micro, I thought they were making an ARM based version. I wouldnt mind having one of these but its way out of my price range. Interesting fact, by looking at the sound chip's datasheet it looks like it was meant for cellphones, thats cool :D
Posted on 2004-11-12 20:40:46 by x86asm
Yeah, it is the Micro edition. At some point, Andre' & co. decided that the ARM7 version would be too complex for the target market (people with no hardware design skills) so they decided to introduce an entry-level kit instead with the hope that if demand is high enough they will move on the the next ARM7 version. Many were dissappointed at first but now that we have the unit who knows what will happen.

I don't know if sales have been good enough to warrant the ARM7 version but he has alluded to shipping thousands of units in the first batch. So I suppose that it's doing okay... financially? $199 * 2000 = $398,000. Not so bad.

I looked at other hardware starter kits and many of them for a simple sound chip or a little parallel interface or NIC or something are easily $99 or much more, so the price for a complete do-it-yourself video game console is quite competitive.

My reasons aren't to learn hardware design, I won't be making a career of it anytime soon but I did want to program for an open console. PS1 isn't open enough for me and I can't share my games with anyone.

Posted on 2004-11-13 00:52:11 by _Shawn