Can anyone recomend a good up to date reference for 32-bit instructions ?

I've downloaded the Intel architecture software developers manual, but its horribly formatted and about as much use as a bulgarian TV guide !

I'm looking for something that shows the opcode, mod, reg positions etc for each instruction.

Code Minstrel
Posted on 2004-11-12 16:09:16 by code minstrel
What do you mean by mod, reg position?
Posted on 2004-11-13 00:01:27 by roticv
Posted on 2004-11-13 00:19:01 by rea
I believe code minstrel talks about the modr/m bits.
If you don't like the Intel specification (who wouldn't like it?! it's awesome), you can try sandpile.
Posted on 2004-11-13 01:05:52 by death
Posted on 2004-11-13 06:38:08 by SpooK
I think the Intel manual is actually the best book that describes the modrm. There is a few pages dedicated to it (Intel Manual 2) btw.
Posted on 2004-11-13 07:12:35 by roticv
I've had a look at the pentium instruction set table and the info. on sandpile and that's much clearer.

Actually looking back at the Intel manual, perhaps its not as bad as I first thought. I used to get my 16-bit instruction info. from an assembly book that seperately set out the opcode and the bit positions for the mod and reg info. for each instruction. So it was a bit confusing coming accross the compact format in the Intel manual.

Thanks again,
Code Minstrel.
Posted on 2004-11-13 08:36:42 by code minstrel