i have 2 questions actually but if the first isnt possible the second wont be possible also.

ok, supose i make 2 virtual desktops, desk1 and desk2 for example
i put desk1 as the currentdesktop, is it possible to have the mousecursor moving on desk2 so i dont see it? (this is not for hiding mouseicon purpose offcourse)

ok so if the above is possible:

i run this app (lets say 'Calc.exe') on desk2 and i set desk1 as the current and i make the mousepointer go to desk2, and i click the mouse on the '1' button of 'Calc.exe' in desk2 will it react on the click or not (thus putting the number '1' in the editbox of the Calc.exe window).

Posted on 2004-11-12 17:12:16 by Scorpie

Posted on 2004-11-14 08:36:21 by Scorpie