I bought the book 'Introduction to 80X86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture', and it didn't come with a cd(i got it used). I started reading the book and found i can download all the tools except something called 'io.h' which is used 'extensively' throughout the text. Could someone who has the book send me this file, or point me to a place where i can download a substitute file?
Posted on 2004-11-13 11:13:48 by Donald Beck
Do i even need this specific i/o file? or could i use one from some other place? im new help me out! :lol: i just need it to do the examples and exercises
Posted on 2004-11-14 00:51:54 by Donald Beck

You might be in trouble looking for a dedicated file from a CD attached to a book. You can get into writing asm in many ways and the up to date stuff is by internet. Most of the books published are old dos stuff which is little use these days where 32 bit code is the normal stuff to write.
Posted on 2004-11-14 01:14:14 by hutch--
On the back it says 'The text presents 80x86 assembly language in the same flat 32-bit address environment employed by current operating systems.' I think this means its not old? it was published in 2001.
Posted on 2004-11-14 10:59:13 by Donald Beck
I have that book and it is entirely about 32-bit x86 assembly language. It is 32-bit Windows oriented. It provides MASM 6.1? and LINK 5.? on the CD. It's a good book for learning 32-bit assembly language. I have the CD.

Since you own the book, I don't see anything wrong with sending you the example programs. Send me a Private Message.
Posted on 2004-11-14 20:42:58 by Greg