Read about it here

Download it here (I think. They call it "Express" so I don't know if that's the right one or not. Might be too early).
Posted on 2004-11-15 10:27:04 by drhowarddrfine
The base installation doesn't include compiler. Need to download companion cd just to get the gnu toolset. Pretty annoying issue.
Posted on 2004-11-15 19:42:45 by arafel
Wich companion CD? What you know about Sun Studio? free of charge?
Posted on 2004-11-16 12:16:33 by rea
Don't know what companion cd exactly, but the cd with base installation i got was only the server core. (well i guess its good idea not to install compiler on server type system, but still.) Anyway if you need to install something that is not located in base installation, it's better to just download separate packages, instead of the whole cd.
Sun made Solaris free, but if you want to apply bugfixes you'll need to pay. So I can only guess about Sun Studio...
Posted on 2004-11-16 12:41:56 by arafel