hy all, i have just made a driver patch to support the
21" color display monitor
the following modes are working all right, but be aware of setting frequencies beyond the limits in ()

HKR,"MODES\1920,1200",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; Max 60 Hz

?HKR,"MODES\1920,1080",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; Max 60 Hz
?HKR,"MODES\1600,1200",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; max 60 Hz?
?HKR,"MODES\1600,1024",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; max 75 Hz
?HKR,"MODES\1280,1024",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; max 75 Hz
?HKR,"MODES\1152,864",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; max 85 Hz
?HKR,"MODES\1024,768",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; max 100 Hz
?HKR,"MODES\800,600",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; max 120 Hz ?
?HKR,"MODES\640,480",Mode1,,"29.0-85.0,50.0-160.0,+,+" ; max 150 (160?) Hz ?

(i have tested all modes to comply with a simple RGBHV connector (color vga Red Green Blue H-sync V-sync Ground connected)

it won't damage the monitor but you better not set higher than i recommend you

i hope you don't mind if i post it here
Posted on 2004-11-18 23:56:46 by >Matrix<