I Can't Able to use SIZE type in MASM32
Even After Declaration of SIZE STRUCT
cx dd ?
cy dd ?

Assembler giving Error 1>size Syntax error
2> cx Syntax Error

If i change SIZE and cx To another name it won't give error

I am trying to use GetTextExtentPoint32
Posted on 2004-11-20 01:16:38 by PragmaSoft
SIZE and CX are reserved words in MASM. You can't use reserved words for purposes other than those for which they are intended.

Posted on 2004-11-20 18:18:26 by Raymond
option nokeyword:<SIZE,CX> :-D

use _SIZE (windows.inc)
Posted on 2004-11-20 20:21:44 by drizz
Does that option nokeyword work - seriously?

I prefer Sighs, as it can look quite funny in some contexts :)
Posted on 2004-11-22 15:35:47 by Homer
it works, but there is no sense in disableing register keywords, is it
Posted on 2004-11-22 17:17:39 by drizz