I'm really sad what I heard today in the news in my country. I hope you
guys visiting such developing places be careful.

There was a female person, brown eyes, brown & curly hair, fat body.

She was getting out of the bus across the street, well in here, the bus stops everywhere they want to. So they have lots of clients.

She went out of the bus a Nissan car crash with her. Probably may still
alive in that moment but I think the car kept going. More cars kept crashing her, even a police car they pretend not to note. After someone
may had called the police and ambulance.

How pathetic is this! , I got annoyed with this people I know it's not their
fault for the lack of living.

It happens mostly with America, & poor places.

Posted on 2004-11-30 21:07:58 by Char_Amuro
When riding my bike a few years ago, I had stopped to talk to a friend and someone ran over the back end of my bike. With me still on it! :o

Another time I crashed into a car head on and flew about 40ft over the car - landing on my knees and rolling. All the traffic at the intersection stopped, I was lucky to survive.

"One of the illusions is that the present hour is not the critical, decisive hour." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Death will happen, but for me the sadness lies in how one can forget the greatness that is life. Before my grandmother died I asked her about death. She said she was tired and lived mostly as she pleased. She didn't want me to be sad that she was gone, but to honor her by celebrating life as she had done.

Coming to terms with impermanence (uncertainty) creates tolerance, and a liberating piece of mind.
Posted on 2004-11-30 23:50:15 by bitRAKE
It happens mostly with America, & poor places.

I don't know what you mean by this.

A few years ago someone ran a red light and hit me, spinning me around on the road. About 10 people pulled over to help me out.

When my kids were very young, my car died on the highway. I picked them up in my arms to walk to a nearby restaurant to use their phone. While getting ready to do this, five people pulled over and offered me their cell phones and rides to wherever I wanted.

I've never heard of such a thing as you stated happening.
Posted on 2004-12-01 09:21:39 by drhowarddrfine
I live in a wealthy part of the United States, Irvine, CA. The neigborhood that I live in requires lots of money to live in and the general area is isolated from the main streets, though it is next to the 5 FWY, it isn't directly connected.

A few months ago my wife and I were walking across a street at 10pm and someone trying to make a left turn (exceeding the speed limit, which is very common around here) decided not to stop at a stop side in order to make his turn before oncoming traffic (which does not have a stop sign, oddly enough) and went straight into us. I had to pick my wife up and throw her out of the street and jump myself to avoid him. He did not honk, stop, slow down, flash his lights or otherwise even acknowledge that he damn near hit the two of us and drove away as if nothing happened.

I saw the "oncoming" traffic he was trying to avoid, they stopped and had a horror look on their face as they thought they were about to witness two pedestrians get hit by a guy who cut them off forcing them to stop to not hit him, and such... but nothing happened.

Then, I was walking along about 2 months later on the same street a few block away about 10pm as well and the same thing, some other guy made a left turn as I was crossing and he did not stop at the stop sign and there was no other traffic anywhere in sight and his headlights were not on and hit me, my arm broke the mirror off his truck but he kept driving as if nothing happened. I was not injured, no bruis or even a red mark on my arm. But when I drove past that spot the next day on my way to work (there is only one way in or out where I live and he was going in when he hit me) the mirror was not on the ground anymore.

A year ago a guy ran me off the freeway into a ditch at high speeds and flipping me off (because in this country, people act like they own the road and you better stay out of their way, even if you are just fortunate enough to exist when they want to speed past you doing 100MPH in a 55MPH zone. I lost control but when I ended up back on the freeway and hit my brakes to stop I rear-ended him (he did that on purpose) and then gets out and tries to start a fight with me for cutting him off... go figure.

Luckily, in this town (Brea) a police officer is on every street corner and it is a wealthy city, not much poverty or crime who intervened. In this state, you are automatically at-fault for rear-ended anyone unless the other party is drunk driving. I got the point on my record by my insurance didn't go up this week when I renewed my policy.

I am always dodging people on the freeway, especially people with bigger SUV's than the truck I have. Some people even merge into me without blinking and when you honk they keep merging (when we are bumper to bumper) forcing me to concede and stop so we don't hit. I don't care if it is their fault, I don't want the hassle of an insurance claim.

I put cameras in my truck now that record front and back. I've had an incident where someone was tailgaiting and then trying to speed up and take the 10ft space between me and the guy in front. For many reasons other than my own he couldn't he finally decided to drive off to the shoulder to pass me (and others in front of me) and hit a freeway post. I kept driving because this guy was earlier honking and "raging" and flipping me off and cutting and weaving everyone else to the point of hazard. Somewhere in the process he wrote down my license plate and I got a call from the police and his attorney for allegedly doing to him what he did to me and forcing him off the road and fleeing the scene of the accident.

He was prepared to sue me for almost $150,000 USD. I asked the officers to accompany me to my truck, pulled out the video tape, and played it back privately without the gentleman in the room. The tape clearly showed what happened. They asked him to repeat his story and he did, wrote on paper and everything then we played to tape for him in the presense of his attorney and he dropped the charges and was himself arrested for reckless driving because I in-turn pressed charges against him. I'm not suing but I am asking the courts to suspend his license for 24-months.

This crap happens, even in developed countries, not just 3rd world. But it is sickening.

Posted on 2004-12-01 15:43:01 by _Shawn
Wow, I thought I was the only person to get that special treatment on the road, _Shawn. :lol: I had a guy stop me the other morning for not crossing the street at the corner - he saw me jaywalk from 50 yards away and felt the need to yell at me about it! My first thought was to pull the fscker out of his car and beat him silly, but I didn't say a word to him - just turned around and kept walking. There were no other cars on the road - this guy obviously hadn't taken his medication.
Posted on 2004-12-01 19:09:17 by bitRAKE
Dr Fine,

If you see the rate of death, America has one of the highest percentage.
But not to racism, I said this. In here, one my friend from school drives
crazily he's an astute driver. He had race with someone from the US here
at night. He had always lost due to his old car he competes with faster
cars. But he only does that sometimes. I once went out with him, I like
the way he drives, he founds the fastest path but been caution for an accident. He did crash once, because the other car didn't left him enough
space to drive, it was like some sort of war. He always travels the same roads & places. But the thing is that some people from here they drive
too slow and some others drives extremely fast. Both of them doesn't concords well. The ones that drive too slow for been panic, having an old
car, etc. Buses & Cars cause most traffics. Sad thing some riots dress up
like polices, you know in here you can become a police in a corrupted way
if you're friend of the high rank police officers. That's the bad thing about here, it's a shame that even the government had stolen lots of money.
The military forces are controlled by them. Fortunately, people this time
voted for the right president. Most of Central & South America and Mexico
have more poor population. There even had a speech here in Guatemala
at the buildings(were rich people gather and meet or Officers from other
countries to discuss.) That the delinquents rate had increased. I went once
because I was born in USA. But I didn't live there when I was born, after
a few months I emigrated here when I was a baby.
Anyways, I found the speech bore so we just went out of it. We're growing
a boy from America won the contest from Physics 1st place in the world
by taking a test in the internet.
If you're to visit here just be cautious there're many disgrateful people that keeps of getting 10 diifferent girlfriends(they even got pregnant, most of them smokes, drives insanely, careless, etc.

Let me tell you this we have a German School, many europeans in the rich place live, some of their daughters looked at me seeing nice, but
to have to marry someones likes them you have to be forcely a meeting
guy which I hate mostly. I was thinking of it from where, anyways, I think
I'll get a girl which doesn't attends meetings alot.
Most German girls here, are lonely they feel in depression which their faces can tell me in school buses. Too many System Engineers girls from Germany, that's good. The ones in here that seem to be with the laws are not clowns. Are people who attends meeting alot. The rebel ones are some girls from the US, & most native people. The lost riders tends to pregnant this girls, I don't know what do they do? but, the US girl seem to
be attracted by them. Not all but in general mostly.

I had related to some console board which had many cold people, talking
about their crisis. Army force against the lost riders, but I think the best weapon is ignorance. Which'll prevent any conflicts. Many rich people are assault here by kidnappers with AK-47 from the black market which they sell very cheap. hehe! let's donate for the war in Iraq. Instead for storing
them for crime cases. The police doesn't confront them too much because
they don't have very good weapons, the army is not caring about it they
are just taking care the importance of money & girls. A half from the police states nobles and firm to make the job right.

They even had killed tourists in here, and not all cases are solve.
If they had rape someone out of a lost place really bad luck for that family.
Just be cautious!

Posted on 2004-12-01 20:10:41 by Char_Amuro