sometimes i think i can invoke VC function in TASM32 or MASM32, as you know. i think i can use IMPLIB.EXE(TASM) and INC2L(MASM32) to build our LIBRARIES. but question? if i dont know function's Parameters & Return Values, i cannt use them! where i can find VC's function help file just like win32.hlp
Posted on 2004-12-01 22:29:45 by benny
Just google for the function, and look for MSDN links
Posted on 2004-12-01 23:02:34 by Homer
I generally use MSDN

There is a box in the upper left corner that says "Search MSDN for", enter the function name, and click the GO button next to it. You might get multiple hits. Generally the ones that are labeled "(Visual C++ Libraries)", are the ones you are looking for, since you said you were looking for VC functions.
Posted on 2004-12-02 00:29:25 by mark_larson

This much, if you are going to use the VC runtime libraries, make SURE you use the correct calling convention which is almost certainly C. You will have to ask the C++ guys about C++ specific code as it uses the stack differently but you can for sure use the VC runtime libraries for plain C if you use the correct calling convention.
Posted on 2004-12-02 04:55:12 by hutch--
Thank you! I am not sure :( i must going to test it, But i think if WIN32ASM can use other language's function, that is GREATE!
Posted on 2004-12-02 09:25:42 by benny