I'm teaching myself ASM as an independant study at school (whee!), but have a problem. The book I am learning from gives lots of examples, but they only demonstrate the subject. There are not bigger projects to work on, ones that incorporate a lot of things.

Problem is, anything that I would consider "small" in any other language becomes very very large and complex in ASM. Anyone have suggestions for projects that are A) interesting and B) managable in ASM with limited knowledge?
Posted on 2004-12-02 09:59:54 by polyfractal
Try ObjAsm32. It is an OOP model based on MASM.
There are lot of examples how to build applications and other sources.
ObjAsm32 homepage.

Posted on 2004-12-02 10:31:36 by Biterider
http://www.rbthomas.freeserve.co.uk/ - Ron Thomas has a great number of small example programs - anything along those lines would qualify.

My own personal work revolves around playing with cellular automata. The programming is done in a very modular way with visual feedback, and also includes elements of discovery.

I just purchased the book Programming Game AI by Example and will be creating some examples demostrating AI techniques. The book is an easy read - starting from the very beginings with very practical work in small pieces. The author has a good web site, too.

I found the files for the book prior to purchase.
Posted on 2004-12-02 10:38:59 by bitRAKE
Thanks to both of you. How difficult is network stuff in ASM? I'm a big networking buff, and thoroughly enjoy working with sockets. Is it mostly API calls?

Thanks :D
Posted on 2004-12-02 16:43:33 by polyfractal
Here you go...


...programs are in the last two chapters (if you are already familiar with the rest). I like Thomas Bleeker's presentation.
Posted on 2004-12-02 20:10:47 by bitRAKE