I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in improving/expanding the current HLA Adventure game into a more robust and complete adventure?

The game was coded in HLA, but can be rewritten (in HLA) to be more fluid (code-wise), as well as more compact and operating with far less 'kludge'.

Please let me know if you'd have any interest in working on HLA further. The game is open source/public domain.

All you need to work on HLA Adventure is HLA v1.49 or above, and HLAADV.HLA (the source code file for HLA Adventure).

HLA Adventure can be found below:


The assembly source file (HLAADV.ASM) was created with the Free HLA Assemblers (either Gas or Nasm, I believe).

Currently, the game has over 223 rooms and 10 main quests. I welcome all improvements/suggestions/code enhancements at:


HLA itself can be found below:



Paul Allen Panks
Posted on 2004-12-02 17:05:37 by Paul Panks