after reading ice's tut on tree view controls i think i noticed a minor error in source code specificly '.imesh' rather than '._mesh'

forgive me if im using an older version of the tuts or some thing but i felt it was worth mentioning just incase

no disrespect to the big man a learnt nearly all i know from u dude. thx
Posted on 2004-12-03 11:40:50 by zincboy
"Don't kill me" is very funny :lol: :lol: :lol:
Posted on 2004-12-03 15:05:42 by Opcode
yeah, i say that b'cos i know icezilllion has a lot a resect on these forums and im just a noobie. id still apreciate an answer to me question tho... :oops:
Posted on 2004-12-08 16:10:22 by zincboy

It does not matter. But it will still compile properly. The proper name according to msdn is mask. However since mask is a keyword in MASM, hutch or someone chose imask or _mask to replace it. There is a type equate to equate imask to _mask. So Iczelion is not wrong.

Posted on 2004-12-09 08:25:24 by roticv