I'm working on a control (a button control), but I need to be able to repeat the JournalRecord's keyboard ability.

The key value on the low word has 0-255 (255 meaning no valid key), but the high byte has another value (the low byte has 255, during this). That value is found on "non-standard" keyboard layout keys (typically Internet keyboards have these). Does anyone know how to get these values without using the JournalRecord hook? I need this to work under Win 98 as a minimum. :(

Next, I am working on an idea, where I make a VxD device driver to lock out specific access to a file (write/delete access mainly), but allow read access to anything but only write access to authorized programs (thats another problem). Anyone have any ideas?

Posted on 2004-12-03 19:46:39 by FunkyMeister