Hi all again!

Right now i'm at a stage where i proudly finished my first ASM Book (reading of course, not writing). Now i'm VERY hungry for all possible sources i can get
to improve my (still scanty) knowledge and develope a "feeling" for W32ASM
(i guess i truely felt in love with that language).
With the great response on my last question i'm looking happily forward to what you will answer me.

Greetings, LittleEndian
Posted on 2004-12-07 04:32:39 by LittleEndian
What kind of sources are you looking for? Here are some links

Posted on 2004-12-07 04:45:22 by roticv
hi LittleEndian,

welcome the the asm community then!

if you haven't done so already i'd recommend taking a look at iczelion's tutorials which are a good start for every beginner. for further reading there is loads of source code on this board. there is even a section called "algorithms & source code". you will also find many useful links to asm related education on this board.

good luck then and have fun coding ;)

Posted on 2004-12-07 04:47:27 by enodev

Many of the members here have websites with source code on them. Mine has quite a bit of source for whatever was catching my interest at the time. Just click my WWW button below...
Posted on 2004-12-07 07:13:15 by donkey
Thx alot for ur replies! The sources on this board are a bit too special for me im looking for some "more general" sources, but the hint with the webpages and the link to that infopost are very helpful!
I'll see what i can make of it.

So far, thx again

Posted on 2004-12-07 07:51:27 by LittleEndian

Feel free to grab MASM32 at www.masm32.com . It has a mountain of code and there is more like it available as well on the website at www.masmforum.com/website . Look for the example code by Test Department.
Posted on 2004-12-07 08:01:15 by hutch--
Hutch! That hint was GREAT! Got MASM32 now and the \examples folder is going to be my new home for the coming weeks.

All the good can be so near,

Posted on 2004-12-07 09:01:40 by LittleEndian
Forum members web sites are also a good resource.
Posted on 2004-12-07 11:19:37 by SamiP
If you really want to fry your brain check out the OOP directory in the Masm package ;) Its a now outdated version of the OOP architecture for ASM, but its is simple so its a good starting point. If you want to see where we are now, check out http://objasm32.tripod.com/index.htm

I've thrown caution to the wind and have taken a back seat role in Biteriders hard work on this project. Its far better than the humble beginning that reside in the OOP directory. ;)

Learn and love ASM!
Posted on 2004-12-15 22:08:41 by NaN