I've got MSSQL that comes with VS.NET 2003. But does anyone know how i can get an sql prompt? Like to type in SELECT blah and it comes up with the table there? Sounds simple but i haven't been able to find anything :o

Posted on 2004-12-08 05:50:29 by stormix
Try looking for osql.exe or isql.exe in the binn directory.
Posted on 2004-12-10 16:24:37 by GogetaSSJ4
hey, thanks for the reply.

I tried OSQL and i managed to get it to execute single querys using the -Q flag, but if i just run it as is i get a prompt like "1> " and then type anything in, it just gives me the next prompt "2> " etc. - so how do i tell it the end of my query? I tried ^Z and ^D but to no avail. If i keep doing ^C it just exits.
Posted on 2004-12-14 16:31:28 by stormix
Opps, i should have checked my visual studio documentation! you have to enter "GO" after entering your queries! e.g.

1> SELECT * FROM MyTable
2> GO
Posted on 2004-12-14 16:33:49 by stormix