what is a good web site for windows 95 drivers (my version has usb support)
what Im looking for is a usb asdl modem driver gernaric (the OEM says goto your ISP my ISP says we don't do windows 95)
Posted on 2004-12-08 13:18:29 by rob.rice
that can be tricky if win95 isn't supported (though if you have win95B or win95C it can be done by using IE6 usually) and there are no real 'generic' drivers usually because most adsl usb modems are 'software' modems..

which brand/model do you have rob.rice?
Posted on 2004-12-08 16:09:06 by Hiroshimator
I don't know wether its 95B or 95C the disk just says with usb support
sorry I should have sed this in my first post
the adsl modem is a westell model B90-611060-06 rev C

linux has a gernic driver for it and ifconfig dose show it and it's mac address
so I guess the linux driver is working (I just need to work out how to tell dhcpcd
to use it )

sorry I haven't gotten back sooner I forgot I posted this question here
Posted on 2004-12-17 22:57:49 by rob.rice