I have created a large file of many 95 byte records.
The name of the file is xyz.inc and the records look as follows:
db ' ---------- data -----------'

I then put the following include statement in program (ABC.asm):
include \masm32\xyz.inc

When I compiled ABC.asm I get the following message:
Fatal Error A1009: line to Long

I have been unable to find any examples of code other than
Proto and equate statements in include files. Maybe I can't
use this technique at all.

Would someone be kind enough to enlighten me.
Thanks in advance.
J. P. Shankle
Posted on 2001-11-23 17:21:50 by shankle

You may have exceeded the MASM line length limit somewhere, it is normally 256 characters.

You can normally put a lot of data of the type you are using in the .DATA section if you make sure no single line exceeds the limit.

MyItem db "-------- data ----------"
db "-------- next ----------"

This format will give you BOTH lines as one sequence of bytes.

If you need each item to be addressed seperately, you need to name each item while making sure no single line is too long.

Item1 db "-------- data --------"
Item2 db "-------- data --------"

etc ....

Now the next thing is to ensure that DATA of this type is only included in a section that is set as DATA. If you include it elsewhere, you will get a data type error.

include yourfile.asm

This format will make sure the DATA in your file is put into the DATA section by the assembler.


Posted on 2001-11-23 18:01:04 by hutch--