Here is my simple code that will load pe-file and execut it in it's own memory.
relocs, IAT handling is done...
Progy can only manage codes that are linked with /FIXED:NO...

Also code is very confusing, actually I use a lot of registers in suspiciose way so some one might get confused =)) but it works =))
also no error checking b/c I hate them when I write test programes =)

here is code with test*.asm files ->>>
Posted on 2004-12-09 10:04:56 by c0mrad
Link is broken...
Posted on 2004-12-12 15:54:02 by Qweerdy
Link is broken...

Yes, it doesn't work for me too.
Posted on 2004-12-13 04:45:28 by Vortex
Referrer checking? - try going to the main site (, works for me.
Posted on 2004-12-13 08:04:30 by f0dder
Sorry try new and updated

Sorry for inconvinience =(
Posted on 2004-12-17 17:45:53 by chetnik