What parts are necesary and suficient for start with?
How your OS will become independent?
What suport (file system, networking, graphics, a simple shell??) you need for make independent?
What tools you need for upgrade your own OS from itself?
What tools you will provide for start atract programmers and "final" users?

I have this question because I see the post by Ultrano

when an OS is created it should concentrate on encouraging developers to make apps for it - providing a perfect set of dev tools isn't hard but is critical to the survival of the OS

Then in general what things/tools/modules/suport you will provide for become have real presence?
Posted on 2004-12-09 12:13:53 by rea
The answers depend on the intent of your OS. If you are designing a Commerical OS, you need everything including extensive help/support to teach people who aren't computer literate.

If you are desiging a hobby OS, you usually make it work the way you want on your computer, release it, and then find a way to receive input about what people what/need... especially when it comes to drivers.

Since most OSes are programmed in an existing language, you should only have to provide documentation and examples on how to program for your OS with that specific language.
Posted on 2004-12-14 00:27:01 by SpooK
I think I mix two questions here:
a) how a OS become self contained
b) how a OS become usable (to others???) [, then this question is more wide than what I think before, because if is self contained then is usable :), or the correct question like you say depend on the apps provided with the OS for target the specific market...]

1.- What need I provide you for get in my OS? (what you would like)
2.- If I target Games market?
3.- Office/personal solutions? (personal organization)
4.- Empresarial solutions? (group organization)
5.- Investigation solutions? (specific groups.. I guess there are more)


Because in this moment b) has turned a little extrange for define it clearly, then I will for this moment be more interested in a), altought I will try define in a more specific way b).

I guess the question about b) is self contention is linked with usability to others? or only for is usability for the devloper?, and how many impact usability to others the self contention?, pheraphs I need go to sleep :D.
Posted on 2004-12-14 01:43:24 by rea
Hi hgb

My opinion is :
- target 64-bit platform. The time to code a good OS : many years IMO.
- develop an integrated debugger first, then any useful dev tool (IDE, compiler...), so that u can be helped by others. But mostly, to develop as quickly as wished (triple faults are NOT the right way !)

Currently I develop this integrated debugger, for AMD64. On an x86 32-bit platform for the moment. I don't code much currently.

hgb, your English is hard to understand. "understable" : do you mean "understandable" ?! :wink:
Posted on 2004-12-15 05:41:49 by valy
Ok, yep, I not like the idea of find bugs by test :).

Altought I will like to target 64 bits plataform, I dont have a CPU with such hability (how you do?), but I will see, I think too that is a good moment or time for target the new market :), think that you not need to implement much things for back compatibility because there are not programm already to have such compatibility.

Hehe, about my english, in the school we recibe a basic introduction to english (like 4 years a go was the last curse) but aparently havent learned much not you think?, I guess I write english like I think in spanish and I guess that is the problem :).
Posted on 2004-12-15 11:04:54 by rea
I bought the 1st AMD Opteron available ; only 1400 MHz but (tested and) equivalent to an Intel 2800 MHz :) Win98/Win XP 64 beta. I bought the minimum and assembled it myself :)
Written AMDO64 for the moment (seek this forum).
In a word : AMD is up, Intel down IMO, and 64-bit is the near future.
Posted on 2004-12-16 05:24:09 by valy
Suggestion: Use bochs to develp/debug your preliminary OS code.
Posted on 2004-12-16 18:25:38 by SpooK
bochs is great, actually.
But it does NOT work for 64-bit. 1st error is about CR4. I'll reuse that tool when/if it is AMD64 compatible.
Posted on 2004-12-17 05:29:33 by valy