I spent the last couple of hours fixing several things in HLA Adventure that needed addressing (among them: a proper spell
check of the entire hlaadv.hla file).

Also, I am planning on implementing the ability for the player
to examine items described within each of the rooms. Currently,
if the player examines the trees (for example), the game responds
with "You can't examine that."

However, I want to be able to allow the player to examine anything
described within the rooms (in future versions of HLA Adventure).
Because there are 223 rooms in all, it will take quite some time
to code all of these additions to the game engine.

The idea I came up with, to make this much easier, is to assign
a few rooms to anyone willing, and then allow them to add their
own description of each item in the rooms into the game itself
(without changes, other than a brief spell check).

I've uploaded Version 2.78 of HLA Adventure into the /Files
section of aoaprogramming (Yahoo groups). The Windows version
of HLA Adventure is currently being tended to, but won't be
finished until I am able to re-activate Win-Bloze (damn Microsloth,
tar pit from hades! Argh!).

Do these suggested additions seem look good ideas to everyone?
I think that if 10 (or so) people work on 5-10 rooms each, the
work will take 1/10th the time if I just go about it myself (which
could take weeks of careful coding). And by keeping what people
add to the game in future versions, this will also ensure that
the game's pledge of an 'open source' adventure is truly met. :)

E-mail me at: dunric@yahoo.com

(if you're interested in adding descriptions to items in
HLA Adventure.)

If anyone has any suggestions on how to code all this in (Randy?
Frank? Kain?), please let me know. I'd use a data file, but I
also need to be able to check for str.index of a certain word, and
then match that word up with the correct room (and item description
for that word). Sounds complicated, but it's about the same as
assigning each word into an array, and then outputting a response
to the game parser for the player to read.


Paul Panks

P.S. HLA Adventure's website is at:


The Linux version of HLA Adventure (version 2.78) is
currently available, but only version 2.40 of the Windows
version is presently online (I have to re-activate Windows). :(
Posted on 2004-12-13 05:04:29 by Paul Panks