There are no files remaining and 4GB of bandwidth has been used today - doesn't even seem like it's my site. Oh, well - I'll start again as time permits. I was just using the site earlier today - now it is gone. I didn't have much of anything backed up, so if the database isn't intact then nothing remains.

My personal opinion is that the hacking wasn't through my site directly. I wonder why the retards had to delete stuff - there was plenty of space to swap their warez.

I'll have to establish a backup strategy before moving forward. It will have to be automated as I don't want to invest any time in defense.
Posted on 2004-12-13 20:56:59 by bitRAKE
I've spoke to soon: seems to be some strange kind of technical problem. They are very closed lip on the matter, but assure me the site will be back up shortly.
Posted on 2004-12-13 21:39:45 by bitRAKE
bitRAKE: I suggest to replace the copyright "Powered by ..." with an
image or JavaScript msgbox. also the URL should be changed.

99.99% of script kiddies when they got an exploit, fire up google, search for "Powered by ..." and "hack" the site.
Posted on 2004-12-14 00:15:00 by TBD
Good to see the site working again :-D
Posted on 2004-12-14 05:10:08 by Opcode
Thank you, Opcode - just a hiccup in hinesight.

TBD, I am not very keen on defense, but I will put a little thought into backing up the site. The site is just my notepad for the web. Thanks for the suggestion.
Posted on 2004-12-14 07:52:07 by bitRAKE
I hacked my site once. I used SSH to login as root and updated my stuff!!!
Posted on 2004-12-16 18:27:44 by SpooK