In the process of writing the Installer plug-in for RadASM I experienced a problem - some limitations implied or not, I don't know in GetFileTitle API. When you have a multiple selection allowed in an OpenDialog and select more than one file in the root directory e.g. - C:, D:, etc. - you won't get any filename in your buffer. It works fine for multiple files or single file in directories other than the root. If you select just one file in the root directory it correctly returns the name. I just wanted to point this out as a useful information and because searching the board didn't return any results. Some programs using this function have this bug. As I see KetilO is not using this function in RadASM and it works fine when opening multiple files, with the exception that I can see a second slash after the drive letter when opening more than one file at a time. It is very easy to fix this problem by writing your own procedure to parse the filenames from the buffer returned by GetOpenFileName. That's for now. Maybe later I'll post a link to a simple example for Installator generated by my Installator Maker plug-in for RadASM.

Posted on 2004-12-16 01:45:40 by siddhartha