Formated the HD.

Installed W2k, got a worm before I could DL service pack 4.

Downloded all the sugested security update for Windows Update.

Virues checker keeps intecepting worms. I did not have the problem before, so I must be missing some security updates?

Any ideas?

Posted on 2004-12-16 12:24:35 by ThoughtCriminal
you could download a firewall and save it to a cd or some other media and then reinstall the OS and install the firewall before connecting to the internet. That way you'll be protected and be able to install all security updates.
Posted on 2004-12-16 18:47:42 by QuantumMatrix1024
IF you are on a high speed connection you are also on a (in most cases) subnet
this may be something you might want to report to your broadband provider
so thay can find out who is infecting there subnet
the same may hold true for dail up too I haven't checked it out

report it to your ISP as a service to everyone using there service
Posted on 2004-12-17 23:53:44 by rob.rice