Im thinking about useing simba to access a windows olny printer
( windows only any thing is the biggest reson I hate windows )
but this computer already has one NIC used for ADSL that can't be interfeared
with on it
so where can I find info on how to do it

ps :
you guys realy know your windows thats why I come here for help
Posted on 2004-12-17 22:11:22 by rob.rice
yes, normally you should just add the second nic and it will make a new network connection. (can't you hook the linux box up to the web and put the windows box behind the linux box?)
Posted on 2004-12-18 17:31:05 by Hiroshimator

even though it would be far better for the windows box to be behind the linux box
( linux is by itself (with out a fire wall) a better fire wall than most fire walls for windows )
it would be linux'es fault every time the windows user ran into a broken web page
the windows user has a hard time just turning the computer on and has called on me to help with that
( and has even deleted the system files from a dos box while running word 5 from with in word 5 )

I'm always nervose about doing any system work on a windows computer
least at any tine it might eat it's own tail and die

do i use use the add hardware wizzard or the network wizzard or both to install the driver for the NIC ?

what protocol do I add for simba ?
what client do I add for simba ?
what service do I add for simba ?
will I get a chance to give it an IP address to use with this connection ?
( so that linux knows what to do with it )

I can do it on linux in my sleep I have something rock solid to work with in linux
plain text configuration files (something I can control not a so called wizzard that almost dose as it damn well pleases )

well I'm off to read some HOWTOs
Posted on 2004-12-18 20:33:33 by rob.rice
just go to "my computer"->"Control Panel"->"Add/Remove Hardware", although most hardware comes with an install.exe (if it does then you just need to run that, usually no need to go through the Add/Remove routine)

there you can add the nic. As for firewall: use kerio personal firewall. You can configure it on ports/address range(like iptables) as well as on application range. It's also free of charge.

It is called Microsoft network sharing I believe, you add that as a protocol to the nic. (I don't have windows in my house so I can't check the correct name :P ) You don't need to add a client or service, it's all in explorer and the network neighboorhood.

You must give it an IP, that's all in the properties of the network card, select TCP/IP, click properties. (To get to the nic go to my computer->control panel->networking it's called in win95 I believe)

Make sure to not have selected encrypted passwords on the linux samba server.
Posted on 2004-12-19 04:30:36 by Hiroshimator
ok so its a pretty simple deal I keep finding info on the linux side but veary little on the windows side of simba

and once more thank you
Posted on 2004-12-19 19:34:10 by rob.rice