Hi folks,

I have done some assembler a time ago ( a few years already )
since that i have programmed in Visual C++ and Visual Basic.
In those languages i have programmed in DirectX.
So i have the knowledge of DirectX but i don't have the knowledge of making a Assembly directx application.

does anybody has some beginners tutorials so that i can make the form and then use my knowledge of Directx?
Posted on 2004-12-20 17:00:39 by Bolle
asm-directx includes:

directx 8:
http://www.scrontsoft.com/ (a lot of examples )


directx 9:

http://members.home.nl/siekmanski/d3dx9_asm.zip (complete package with some examples)
Posted on 2004-12-21 05:59:18 by Siekmanski
and opengl tuts ? is there any ?
Posted on 2005-01-03 22:12:32 by GR33d