What is a Hot Swapable Drive

I been checking out web hosting companies on the web and this is one of their services that they may mention. Not to mession i been looking into freeBSD and Linux but can't bumb rush it because i afraid i might miss something down the line in THIS real asm world.

Now i wonder if i can do it with a simple desktop and i don't want to ask such a stupit question *if it's really is stupit* but i got to ask anyway.

Is this for Web Server only. Can this be done on a regular desktop and if so do it take a TRICK or code to allow this to work on basic desktop. If code don't work a basic trick may work if someone do stuff like that on GP. I trying to say if I got two hdd with the same OS and stuff on it and i want to pop out HDD and put the other HDD in with-out messing up what is in the RAM already. Stupit stuff maybe but who really knew.

I know it is a dumb question but heck i got trick for other things i figured out since 95 maybe others got some cool tricks of their own that been working for years.

Guest what i just got a clue. If someone bump this thought i might have a chance. I'll going to try it before i forget.

Posted on 2004-12-21 08:54:25 by cmax
If you've got a RAID of SCSI disks, and they're hot swapable, then the raid controller supports the removal of a disk during normal operation. Plus the new (replacement disk) when inserted is brought up to date via the redundant data on the array.

This works for any of the RAID systems where there is redundancy (RAID 5, 1, or 10 are the favorites for this) and the RAID controller and disks support it. IDE drives don't support hot swapping, I'm note sure about SATA drives.

Posted on 2004-12-21 09:01:02 by Mirno
Thanks Mirno for sparing me the time i was just about to waist. Now i got a clue.

I got one more question. What this big deal about cluster technology going on?

cmax over and out

Thanks again
Posted on 2004-12-21 09:12:39 by cmax