is HexEd's character support based on fonts used or they are filtered.

I implemented HexEd to one of my tools statically. And installed a native language supported monospaced terminal font. Attached font to HexEdit and HexEdit using font too. But there is a problem. All other controls working fine with this font and shows all turkish characters. But in HexEd they are not shown.

for example. 0x98 = ? ('I' with a dot over) not shown.

Any idea?

And a question.

Anyone knows a way to use a resource font from memory on Win98/ME? XP/2000 supports this feature via AddFontMemResourceEx.

Or must i save it from resource to some where on disk and install to system?

Thanks & Regards
Posted on 2004-12-23 03:06:57 by RvaZero
Hi RvaZero

To avoid any font conflicts 7-bit ascii is used (20h-7Fh)

You can modify the source at:

.if ecx<16
push ecx
sub ecx,16
neg ecx
mov eax,ecx
shl ecx,1
add ecx,eax
mov al,' '
rep stosb
pop ecx
sub ebx,ecx
push ecx
.while ecx
mov al,[esi+ebx]
.if al<20h || al>7Eh
mov al,'.'
mov [edi],al
inc edi
inc ebx
dec ecx
pop ecx
sub ecx,16
neg ecx
mov al,' '
rep stosb

Posted on 2004-12-23 03:51:40 by KetilO
Ok thx.
Posted on 2004-12-23 06:13:31 by RvaZero