I reinstalled W2k, but my install cannot find NTLOADER.

Heres what I had to do to get it installed.

I have no floppy drive, it's broken.

I have a nforce2 mb thats does not seem to able to use boot from CD. I tried with multiple cd players but the helper program that popsup cannot recognize a bootable CD.

So I had to put in the HD for my previous install. Boot into windows. Then install from windows my new install to an empty HD.

I'm using my new install to type this, but the new install will not boot unless I have the HD with my old install hooked up also.

Does NTLOADER need to be on a primary partition?

Is there any way to set the partion from one my installs?

Perhaps an enviroment setting?

Thanks for any help.
Posted on 2004-12-23 22:45:46 by ThoughtCriminal
It needs to be on an active partition.

I can boot into the previous.

Will setting the active partition destroy the data on the HD?

Any recomendation on how to do this?

Posted on 2004-12-23 23:21:59 by ThoughtCriminal
You need to rewrite the MBR , theres an option to do this using the format /mbr command
Posted on 2004-12-24 03:40:49 by Homer
Will that destry the data on my HD?

I'm googling for more details. Thanks for your help.
Posted on 2004-12-24 05:51:31 by ThoughtCriminal
No it would not afaik. Load the W2k CD and run the recover console.
Posted on 2004-12-24 07:02:28 by roticv
The problem with installing from a working windows to a new drive is that windows will place NTLDR, the bootcode, and friends, on the drive you are installing from.

Make a smallish FAT partition (a gig or so) on the new drive, and copy the i386 folder from your win2k CD there. It's always a good idea to keep your install files handy!

Now, as for actually getting the stuff installed... it sounds pretty weird that a nForce2 board shouldn't be able to boot from CD. Perhaps you have a copied win2k CD, made by copying files rather than cd->cd copy? ;-)

Figure out if your motherboard supports booting from an USB device, and if so, get yourself an USB2 "pendrive" (and make sure it supports booting too!). Then you can put DOS boot files (and a DOS bootsector) on the flash and boot from it, and install win2k from the i386 folder on your harddrive.
Posted on 2004-12-24 07:10:41 by f0dder
Got it working.

I did the recovery console but it didn't work. I guess it was trying to repair the previous install on the other diver even toguh I selected for it to repair my new install.

Becuase of the crazy way I had to install things, my WINNT directory is on my F: Drive.

But Boot.ini was only on the C: drive. So I copied Boot.ini and ntldr to my new install HD. Edited Boot.ini. It works. The intial black and white boot screen looks a bit odd, but it works, or I would not be posting this.

Thanks for the help.

f0dder -- I do have a legal CD somewhere. Having moved recently, I don't know where it is, so I used an old backup. 8)
Posted on 2004-12-24 10:42:08 by ThoughtCriminal