hey KetilO,

i have some bugs and suggestion for radAsm.

1. it seems there are some GDI glitches on the editor - check the pics below!

or this:

2. in the properties window, i check the "selected project file" tab to keep my propertie window auto refresh, but it seems it doesn't work all the time!
i check and saw that it works only 1 time, in this order:

1. check the "selected project file" tab
2. goto an asm file (tab/tree)
3. press refresh
4. goto an asm file (tab/tree) again - refresh auto works!
5. goto oter asm file (tab/tree) - refresh doesn't work
6. goto 3

any chance on fixing it?

VisualC++ has a nice thingi that when a file is not saved, the title is changed like this: project-
and when it saved its like the normal title radasm has: project-

it's a good thing to know when ur file is saved or not insted pressing the save button every time unknown if its saved or not.
can Radasm has this on the next version?

Best regards,
Posted on 2004-12-24 04:37:26 by wizzra
KetilO ?
Posted on 2004-12-25 10:14:10 by wizzra
Hi wizzra

1. No pics are shown?
2. Yes there is a bug. It should NOT auto update unless that file is changed. I will have a look at it.

RadASM has a little green dot shown in upper left corner if the file is modified since last save.
Posted on 2004-12-25 12:10:34 by KetilO
hi KetilO,
pics are shown :)
Posted on 2004-12-25 14:38:15 by wizzra
Hi wizzra

Yes, now they are shown :?

This is as it should be as it is only a tab marker. If the line starts with spaces, the tab markers are not shown. Good to have a way to not show the tab markers.

Posted on 2004-12-25 14:48:44 by KetilO
Hi.. I just updated to and ollydbg won't run anymore.
The directory it is in is not called OllyDbg, but the debugger path has /OllyDbg added to it, is this a folder or filename without extension ?

The path is "D:\Program Files\Tools\odbg109d"

For selecting the path, I get this:
D:\Program Files\Tools\odbg109d\OllyDbg

For selecting the path + file, I get this:
D:\Program Files\Tools\odbg109d\ollydbg.exe\OllyDbg

Am I missing some setting, or is this a bug ? worked fine with Olly on this path.. :wink:

Posted on 2005-01-11 23:01:09 by HippieKiller

The problem is the space in the path. The filename must be quoted.

Project options:
Run/w debug: 0,0,"$E\OllyDbg.exe",5

Path options:
Debug: D:\Program Files\Tools\odbg109d

Posted on 2005-01-12 02:07:18 by KetilO
Ah right, thank you. :)

Posted on 2005-01-12 04:12:13 by HippieKiller