Another day, another update :)
Fixed a bunch more bugs (some were "implementation nuances" rather than bad code) including one very silly and catastrophic bug in the FStream class which I use for File IO... when a file is opened, the filesize is stored in the FStream object ... the FStream_SetPointer method was resetting the filesize values to the filepointer values ... bad, bad, bad.
Since I usually (but not always) grab the filesize from the FStream object after I open the file, the problem hasn't shown up until now.
In the case where I use SetPointer and then subsequently want the filesize from the FStream object, the wrong filesize was being returned.

Still, progress is progress :)
Posted on 2005-02-02 01:57:45 by Homer
More bugfixes.
Added drag and drop support for realtime publishing of new shares.
Posted on 2005-02-06 23:30:35 by Homer
Replacing HashFiles with a hierarchical registry database.
Posted on 2005-02-08 03:58:30 by Homer