Since Installing the latest version of RadAsm I get the following errors :
C:\Masm32\Bin\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"C:\Masm32\Include" "C:\RadAsm\Masm\Projects\DramQuickly\DramQuickly.asm"
Assembling: C:\RadAsm\Masm\Projects\DramQuickly\DramQuickly.asm
C:\RadAsm\Masm\Projects\DramQuickly\DramQuickly.Inc(303) : error A2008: syntax error : tci
C:\RadAsm\Masm\Projects\DramQuickly\DramQuickly.asm(441) : error A2006: undefined symbol : tci
C:\RadAsm\Masm\Projects\DramQuickly\DramQuickly.asm(441) : error

I defined tci at line 303 in the following manner : "tci TC_ITEM <?>"

This compiled and ran with no problems before.
Anyone have any ideas?
Regards Fumio
Posted on 2004-12-25 16:53:16 by Fumio
Hi Fumio

I guess you installed masm32 8.2 or updated
Jucst change TC_ITEM to TCITEM

Posted on 2004-12-25 17:25:29 by KetilO
Thanks Ketil0
That fixed the problem
Regards Fumio
Posted on 2004-12-25 22:15:46 by Fumio